Open Call For Interest: “Med Dialogue Fellows: Entrepreneurship for Social and Solidarity Economy”

Opportunity type : Fellowship or post-graduate programmes
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Are you concerned with social and solidarity-driven entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean? Do you want to boost your activism leadership skills in this area? Do you have a project idea that can be implemented within a regional common action framework?

Apply for “Med Dialogue Fellows: Entrepreneurship for Social and Solidarity Economy”

Through this second call, at least 20 young leaders will be selected, and will have the opportunity to:

  1. Participate in the Med Dialogue Fellows Bootcamp
  2. Develop a regional common action
  3. Get involved in other activities (“mobility fund”)
  4. Join our Alumni Network

About the Med Dialogue Fellows Bootcamp

The 5-day Med Dialogue Fellows Bootcamp will be organized in Morocco, during the month of September 2020 (the exact period will be set as soon as the Covid-19 restrictions applied in the country will be eased).

What is a Bootcamp?

Bootcamps are intensive trainings aimed at giving Fellows a wide range of principles, tools, methods, and technical skills to help them grow their ideas. Designed to offer an opportunity to create channels of cooperation among Fellows and develop local actions in a coherent regional framework, they will provide the possibility to meet experienced practitioners and know projects on the ground.

The indicative structure of the Bootcamp will be as following:

  • Presentation of principles and practices of social and solidarity economy, Social Entrepreneurship, and review of the main related challenges in the Mediterranean region
  • Common action: Fellows will present, discuss, assess, and choose the best ideas and criteria that will be developed as a common action in working groups and plenary sessions,
  • A public debate: Entrepreneurs, policymakers and social scientists discuss about what is at stake in the presence of the beneficiaries,
  • Study tours: Fellows shall visit local organizations that operate under the principles of Social Entrepreneurship and learn about their projects.
  • Principles of sound and socially/environmentally responsible management of the common action events will be shared.

The Bootcamp will apply principles of eco-management and social responsibility. It will be steered by two short-term experts appointed by the Med Dialogue Team: a senior SSE expert and a junior group facilitator.

Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Syria *
  • Tunisia