Programme Officer in the Cooperation section, EU Delegation to Jordan

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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The EU Delegation to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan offers the post of Programme Officer placed in the Delegation’s Cooperation Section. The team consists of 28 people and there are occasional atypical working hours.

Under this post, the recruited person will be attributed functions depending on the needs of the Delegation, and on the changes of these needs. The successful candidate will serve under the supervision and responsibility of the Head of Cooperation Section, under daily management of the Team leader in charge of Economic, Infrastructure and Trade, providing support, expertise and assistance in Public Administration Reform.

Following main tasks and duties are currently required:

  • POLICY DEVELOPMENT – Policy Development
  • Develop and maintain a consistent view on priorities in the fields of institutions building and public administration reform.
  • Contribute to the implementation of bilateral agreements and sectoral agreements and the European Neighbourhood Policy.
  • Contribute to sectoral policy dialogue with the concerned national authorities and donors.
  • Contribute to the implementation of the EU-Jordan Partnership Priorities.
  • INTERNAL COMMUNICATION (general) – Reporting
  • Report on the relevant parts of the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy action plan.
  • Report on the relevant parts of the implementation of the EU-Jordan Partnership Priorities.
  • Report on relevant policy developments in relation to Public Administration Reform.
  • HORIZONTAL COORDINATION – Horizontal Coordination
  • Coordination within the Delegation and with the PAO of the Support to Action Plan (SAPP/SIPP) programmes.
  • Twinning coordinator, operational resource person and the Delegation twinning contact point.
  • Harmonisation of operational information flows and communication about planning and implementation of SAPP/SIPP.
  • Maintaining overview and approval function of SIGMA and TAIEX support to Jordan.
  • Ensure horizontal coordination of key annual processes for the section.
  • POLICY ANALYSIS – Financial Co-operation, Sector analysis, strategy formulation and programming
  • Support policy dialogue with all relevant ministries, agencies, donors and other relevant stakeholders in all areas of concern.
  • Contribute to sector analysis and to the definition of strategies for the European Union, e.g: Single Support Framework
  • PROGRAM / PROCESS / PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Delegation’s project cycle management
  • To contribute to programming, identification and appraisal in close cooperation with the beneficiary institution(s) in Jordan, when PAR programmes are decided in the programming process.
  • To contribute to all aspects of the procurement process (drafting TORs, launching tenders, calls for proposals, evaluations, selections or projects etc.).
  • To monitor ongoing projects, to attend management and monitoring meetings, to elaborate progress reports on projects and propose action when needed.
  • Ensure the follow-up of the implementation of projects and the performance of project partners, monitor contractual obligations (via periodic reviews, audits, reporting etc.) and handle external expertise.
  • To contribute to the evaluation of projects.
  • To give the “operational visa” on any document where required.
  • EXTERNAL RELATIONS – External relations
  • Maintain good and effective contacts with the local operators in the field, with the national authorities and institutions, with representatives of the diplomatic missions of the Member States, with representatives of the principal international donors, with NGOs and other local non-official actors.
  • Prepare and assist in missions from Headquarters.
  • Contribute to preparing sub-committee and other meetings under the European Neighbourhood Policy
  • EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION (general) – Communication relating to programme and projects
  • Ensure that the results of projects are disseminated and outcomes presented at workshops, seminars, conferences or other public events.
  • Extract and disseminate best practices and facilitate exchange of experiences.
  • Contribute to the production of publications and ensure that the EU visibility guidelines are implemented under programmes.
  • Provide inputs to EU communication activities under the sectors of responsibility.

Countries covered:

  • Jordan