Project Officer at the EU Delegation to Libya

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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The European Union Delegation to Libya offers the post of Project Officer (Local Agent Group 1) in the EU Delegation’s Cooperation Section. The Cooperation Section consists of 10 people, and there are occasional atypical working hours.

Under this post, the recruited person will be attributed functions depending on the needs of the Delegation, and on the changes of these needs. The successful candidate will serve under the supervision and responsibility of the Head of the Cooperation Section, providing support, expertise and assistance in the field of communication on cooperation matters and would have to work very closely with his or her counterpart in the Political, Press and Information Section. In addition, the successful candidate will contribute to the formulation and monitoring of the implementation of the Delegation’s communication strategy and its action plan for the Cooperation Section. As such, he/she will act as “Communication Coordinator” under the supervision of the Head of Cooperation.

Following main tasks and duties are currently required:
Communication and Visibility Plan

  • Contribute to the timely and due drafting and implementation of the Delegation’s Communication and Visibility Plan, and to its monthly update.
  • Contribute to reporting tasks related to the Communication and Visibility Plan.

Communication and Visibility Activities

  • Provide and coordinate the support to the Head of Delegation, Head of Cooperation and Cooperation Section staff in their visibility and communication activities.
  • Ensure clear, coherent and consistent communication about the EU’s development cooperation activities in Libya, including by identifying topics for communications campaigns and preparing and overseeing contracts with communications experts.
  • Propose, design, organise and implement specific outreach and communication activities, including visibility or launching events and the production and distribution of publications, newsletters and visibility or promotional materials, among others.
  • Draft, tender and manage specific visibility and communication-related contracts with external providers, including the review and approval of deliverables and reports as well as assessment of invoices and requests for payments. Give recommendations in conformity with the financial circuits for payments managed by the Delegation.
  • Coordinate and review the Cooperation Section’s contributions and updates to the Delegation’s official website, social media platforms and other publications produced by the Delegation or by EU HQ.

Support and Coordination

  • Provide the Head of Delegation, Head of Cooperation and Cooperation Section staff with advice, information and/or training on content creation, use of social media, communication and visibility tools, EU’s general guidelines.
  • Assist the drafting, review and execution of the visibility and communication plans presented by specific EU-funded programs and projects, ensuring coherence with the Delegation’s Communication and Visibility Plan and with EU guidelines.
  • Create a network with staff of EU projects in Libya in charge of visibility and communication, to exchange information, best practice and lessons learnt.

Visibility and communication archive and storage

  • Manage and regularly update the Delegation’s archive of general EU visibility and communication materials and of materials produced by EU-financed projects.
  • Ensure the appropriate storage and timely use and distribution of available materials.

Liaison with EU headquarters and other stakeholders

  • Act as contact point with headquarters for communication and visibility issues (“Communication Coordinator – ComCord”) in coordination with the Delegation’s Political, Press and Information
  • (PPIO) Section
  • Liaise with other stakeholders including Libyan authorities in the area of communication and visibility of EU financial cooperation in coordination with the Delegation’s PPIO Section
  • In close coordination with the Delegation’s Press and Information Officer, establish, and supply with relevant information, networks with media and other interested parties.

Countries covered:

  • Libya