Technology Transfer Bootcamp in Lebanon, EU funded THE NEXT SOCIETY project

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Are you a researcher or entrepreneur with an innovative technology project and looking to create a start-up in Lebanon? Take part in THE NEXT SOCIETY first Technology Transfer bootcamp and learn what it takes to access market and funding opportunities. 

The Bootcamp is organised by Berytech, partner of THE NEXT SOCIETY, at Berytech Innovation Park Mar Roukoz in Beirut, Lebanon, from 18 to 20 October 2018. 

About The TTO Bootcamp

This bootcamp aims at turning research and innovation projects that are close to markets, to potential viable business projects covering the essentials of:

  • Intellectual Property (Assessment, Rights & Protection)
  • Technology development and commercialization
  • Entrepreneurship process & business modelling
  • Access to market and funding 

Eligibility Criteria

  • To have a technology or innovation with a proof of concept
  • Locally developed with a potential of scalability
  • Aiming at solving specific challenges
  • Addressing the WEF sectors (Water – Energy – Food)

Countries covered:

  • Lebanon