CLIMA – Cleaning Innovative Mediterranean Action: reducing waste to boost economies

Project Duration
2019 - 2023 (36 months (+12 months extension))
2.8 million €(EU investment: 2.5 million €)
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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon
  • Tunisia


CLIMA is a project funded by the ENI CBC MED programme on the priority of waste management. CLIMA project, and its regional platform of Italian, Tunisian and Lebanese municipalities, public agencies and NGOs, aims to cope with environmental, economic and social problems of organic waste mismanagement in three Mediterranean countries, developing policy tools like integrated Municipal Waste Management Plans, innovative technical solutions such as the compost drum and two improved pilot compost sites.
At the same time, the project will support local businesses active in the circular economy sector, as well as information and advocacy campaigns to change citizens’ attitude towards zero waste paradigm.


Through the project, around 80,000 citizens in 3 municipalities will benefit from the reduction of waste production due to the increase of treated organic waste.
By defining a multiannual strategy at municipal level, fostering cross-border exchanges of experiences and transfer of innovation in treating and recovering high quality organic component, the project will positively impact the 3 targeted territories, reducing the risk of unsafe or illegal disposal of waste and creating at the same time new opportunities for businesses using organic waste as secondary raw material.

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