DREAM – Développer la Résilience, l’Empowerment et l’Autonomie des Militant.e.s et défenseur.e.s des droits humains et LGBT

Project Duration
2023 - 2026 ( 30 months )
799.450,00 EUR (EU investment: 759.470,00 EUR)
To be started in May 2023

Countries covered:

  • Tunisia


The project intervenes on two levels: i) support and protect activists and defenders of the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community in monitoring, prevention and response to violations and abuses; (ii) strengthen the capacities of civil society, by consolidating their networking and their action and advocacy strategies for the construction of the rule of law based on gender equality and non-discrimination.


Three expected results are thus identified as interdependent:

1.   The protection and empowerment of human rights activists and defenders, members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community;

2.  The capacity building and networking of organizations active in the defense of human rights and LGBTQIA+,

3.  The creation of a favorable environment through advocacy, information and sensitization of major duty bearers, media and public opinion.

Civil Society Gender Human Rights