EAMGM II – Euro-Arab Mashreq Gas Market Project

Project Duration
2010 - 2013
€5 million EU contribution

Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria *

Brief Description

Supports the development of an integrated gas market in order to create a regional gas market and as a step towards integrating with the EU gas market
Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey

Actions in brief

  • Supports legislative and regulatory harmonisation in the energy sector amongst Partner Countries and with the EU.
  • Undertakes studies to expand the Arab Gas Pipeline and contributes to developing gas flows.
  • Promotes harmonisation of technical standards and specifications among Partner Countries’ gas networks and with those of the EU.
  • Establishes efficient and sustainable management of the gas sector.
  • Cooperates with other energy-related initiatives/projects supported by the the EU, EU member states and other donors.


Environment & Climate change