Minorities, Accountability and Civic Space (MACS)

Project Duration
05/2023 - 04/2027 ( 48 months )
EUR 3,691,102.99 ( EU investment: 90 % )

Countries covered:

  • Lebanon
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Tunisia


The aim of this action implemented by Minority Rights Group Europe (MRGE) is to strengthen an inclusive civil society that protect and promote the rights of minorities and other marginalized communities in Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia and Morocco, and thereby strengthening the effective engagement in policy processes.

This will be achieved by providing financial support to CSOs and by building their capacity at organizational and technical levels to contribute to processes of accountability, monitoring and advocating for inclusive reforms in target countries. Furthermore, through this action, CSOs will be able to increase its capacity to navigate the shrinking civic space in target countries.


Therefore, the project will work on 4 main strands:

1.  Address the gaps in the organizational and technical capacities of civil society organizations representing minorities and marginalized groups.
2.  Increase and activate CSOs public engagement and the production of evidence-based advocacy.
3.  Strengthen cooperation and coordination among CSO on issues of human rights, minority rights, democracy, and inclusive reform.
Improve information flow between EU and CSOs in target countries.

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