Euromesco paper explores the “Paradoxical Africanisation of Libya after 2011”

January 21, 2022
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Changes in Libya’s and sub-Saharan African actors’ standings within the regional setting represent a new reality on the ground that has not been contextualised and analysed thoroughly enough. Only when the international actors do so will they be able to adequately navigate and constructively engage social, political and security structures within the Libya-sub-Saharan Africa framework.

Thus, this paper aims to answer the following research questions: in which specific north-south security-related phenomena did sub-Saharan African actors assume agency? Are the motivations of the actors involved opportunistic? Which aspects of “Africanisation” are taking solid roots and could be sustained beyond the period of Libya’s instability? What are the implications for the European Union (EU) policies related to peace, security and governance in Libya?


Paradoxical Africanisation of Libya after 2011

Paradoxical Africanisation of Libya after 2011
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