High-Level Conference on Women for the Mediterranean 2024 – Event Report

June 28, 2024
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Data highlights stark disparities in gender equality across the Euro-Mediterranean area: in the MENA region, less than 5% of businesses are women-led compared to the global average of 25%, and female workforce participation rates remain alarmingly low, between 15% and 30. In the EU, women earn only 70% of what men do when employed. Additionally, the intersection of gender and climate change exacerbates these challenges, disproportionately affecting women and amplifying vulnerabilities. Our Mediterranean region, among the most affected by climate change, sees women and girls representing 80% of climate-displaced individuals. Finally, violence against women and girls (VAWG) remains unfortunately pervasive as well throughout our region: at least 35% of women in the MENA region have experienced intimate partner violence once in their life. At the same time, in Europe, more than 3,000 women are murdered by their partners or a family member every year, and 32% of perpetrators of sexual harassment in the EU come from the employment context.