Opinion Poll 2016 – Morocco (factsheet)

January 27, 2017
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Moroccans largely positive about EU and their country, poll finds


A large majority (73%) of Moroccans have a good perception of the EU, more that the average in the Maghreb (63%), and a significant 85% of those asked believe relations between the EU and their country are good, according to the findings of a survey carried out in the framework of the EU-funded EU Neighbours South project.

Over three quarters of respondents think that the EU has a positive influence on socio-economic development in Morocco, and most of them would like the EU to play a bigger role in their country in economic development (76%), trade (82%), human rights (80%), transport (77%) and education (71%).
An overwhelming majority of Moroccans (86%) are satisfied with their life, with 65% of them positive about the economic situation in Morocco while less than half (48%) believe the employment situation is good in the country, which is higher than the respective rates in the Maghreb (43% and 32%).
This survey is part of the first series of opinion polls, conducted in seven EU Southern Neighbourhood partner countries: Algeria, Israel, Jordan Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia, looking, inter alia, at perceptions of, and attitudes towards the EU, level of information about the EU awareness of EU financial support as well as the general mood of respondents in the Southern Neighbourhood countries, including their views on current and future economic, employment and general life situations.
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