Access to Finance: the gender debate (Mahmoud Abdelmageed)

April 3, 2023
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In this episode, our host is Mahmoud Abdelmageed interviews Sandra Farid, economic advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities in Egypt and CEO of Acumen Consulting. The pair discuss the broader definition of women’s financial an economic inclusion.
What financial products are specifically available to women; what is the positive impact of women’s financial empowerment on livelihoods and economies; and why is it crucial if not mandatory to have more women-led micro businesses as a major driver of a country’s prosperity?
All of these questions and many more are at the core of this informative discussion aiming at encouraging more women to gain their financial independence and contribute to the financial stability of their family.
Discover how the EU is supporting access to finance for women through the Women in Business Programme:
and through the Village Savings and Loan Associations initiative

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