Education, for All? (Amani Geha)

March 27, 2023
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Education is a right. Everyone deserves access to education and knowledge. Yet, in many countries of the Southern Neighbourhood, women lag behind in terms of access to education for a variety of reasons. The situation is even more complex for Syrian women who have been forced to flee their country and who live with the ‘refugee’ stigma in a foreign country.
This episode of #SheTalks hosts Anna Maria Ohan, journalist and activist who faced many challenges, defied the odds and chose the most difficult path to claim her right for education and give her future a chance.
EDU-SYRIA programme is a series of EU-funded projects through the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis (Madad Fund), and the Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI), which are managed by the German Jordanian University. EDU-SYRIA came as a response action to help Syrian refugees and the host communities in Jordan overcome the Syrian crisis consequence through granting the youth of Syrian refugees and underprivileged Jordanians and access to higher education through a set of scholarships.