BCD presentation to the Lebanese Business ecosystem

أكتوبر 20, 2022
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Within the framework of the EBSOMED project and in collaboration with the Lebanese Industrialists Association and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, BUSINESSMED organised a face-to-face meeting with Lebanese companies and business support organizations in order to present the BCD Business Country Desk platform which aims at fostering and stimulating Euro-Mediterranean economic activity and at creating networks and strategic business partnerships.

The Business Country Desk represents not only a real catalyst for the engagement of all partners at local, national, and regional levels, but also a privileged space for the promotion of talent, internationalization, and the private sector in the Mediterranean region, focusing on innovation and sectoral approach as key priorities for the coming years.

The event started with a brief presentation of the platform and the different services it offers. The representatives of the two employer associations involved in the event highlighted how this platform can help the Lebanese business ecosystem, which is very fragile since the incident of the port and the stop of the covid production.

Participants had the opportunity to exchange and ask questions about the technical aspect of the platform. The meeting ended with B2B meetings managed by the platform’s matchmaking tool and between the participating companies and the BSOs. Lebanese media were invited to the event to disseminate the information and to make sure that as many companies as possible know about the platform.

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