Talk with Luis

The EU Neighbours South team developed a regional campaign and mini-series #حديث مع لويس (meaning “Talk with Luis”) where several EU Goodwill Ambassadors from the #InTheiEyes competition hold informal discussions with Luis Miguel Bueno Padilla, the EU Arabic Spokesperson for the Middle East and North Africa. The objective was for Luis Miguel to address some recurring questions and misunderstandings about the EU and to listen to the influencers’ take on various themes and topics of interest in their respective countries and about their experiences and roles as EU Goodwill Ambassadors.   What does the European Union stand for? What is the role of the EU Delegations in countries? How can the Youth in the Southern Neighbourhood benefit from EU-funded opportunities? Follow the EU Goodwill Ambassadors in the Southern Neighbourhood in their talk with Luis Miguel Bueno, EU Arabic Spokesperson for the Middle East and North Africa to discover how the EU is helping make partner countries places where people want to build their future. #TalkWithLuis