Opinion Poll 2022 – Tunisia (factsheet)

May 12, 2023
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Fact Sheet Tunisia

The knowledge of the EU has slightly increased but remains low.

In 2022, Tunisian respondents have expressed stronger views on the EU still benefits from a positive image by almost half of the surveyed.

There has been an increase of + 6 ppt in the proportion of Tunisian respondents who believe they know what the EU is all about, reaching 37% in the survey conducted in 2021.

58% of Tunisian respondents say that they do not know about the EU, – 7 ppt since 2021.

The relatively low level of subjective knowledge is confirmed by the factual questions where 13% answered all the questions incorrectly, with an average of 2.3 correct answers out of a possible six.

The proportion of Tunisian respondents who have a positive image of the EU has increased (48% compared to 40% in 2021), while the proportion expressing a negative sentiment has also increased from 10% to 19%. The proportion describing themselves as neutral has decreased from 43% to 30%.

The main reason mentioned by 43% of those who felt the EU had a positive image was related to the EU as an important trade partner for Tunisia. Around one in five mentioned either
the EU’s high social standards (23%) or democratic values (20%) for having a positive image of the EU.

46% of those who believe that the EU has a negative image is because it does not do enough to help Tunisian people. The EU’s lack of political support for the Tunisian government is mentioned by 17%.

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