About the programme

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EU Neighbours South is an EU-funded regional communication Programme designed to create awareness about the European Union in the Southern Neighbourhood region which includes 10 countries and territories: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia.

The general objective of this Programme is to contribute to the improvement of public perception and attitudes towards the EU and to the development of a more receptive environment for European values in Neighbourhood partner countries, by communicating about the impacts of the EU partnership in the Southern Neighbourhood region. The Programme complements and supports the communication work of the EU Delegations in the countries and works closely with the communication teams at the European Commission.

In order to achieve its objective, EU Neighbours South engages in a variety of activities including:

  • Thematic  Campaigns: campaigns that help highlight solutions provided by the EU in specific sectors of interest to regional audiences.
  • Editorial Content and Information Sharing: feature stories, news alerts, e-cards , newsletters and comic strips help relay various messages, initiatives and opportunities.
  • Opinion Polls: annual opinion polls in each of the 10 countries.
  • Youth Connectors: a network of young and engaged individuals across the region who participate in the Programme’s, EU-funded projects and the Delegations’ events and activities.
  • Young Creators: content creators from across the region work with the programme to help spread information about opportunities and key messages about the EU.
  • EU Goodwill Ambassadors: young content creators and connectors can become EU Goodwill Ambassadors, engaging actively and frequently in communicating alongside the EU on various topics and initiatives.
  • Digital Communication: the EU Neighbours South website is a major source of information about the EU’s actions in the region, as well as our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr pages.

Our Work

10 Countries

Thematic Campaigns


Youth Network

EU Goodwill Ambassadors / EU Jeel Connect

Regional Contests & Competitions

Opinion Polls

Digital Communication

Project Team

Joumana Brihi
Team Leader
Nada Abi Ghanem
Campaign & Youth Network Coordinator
Rym Benarous
Information and Communication Manager
Nidhal Battikh
Digital Campaign Manager