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The European Union declared the year 2022, the ‘year of the Youth’ and calls upon the engagement and participation of all young and talented people in the region to help build a better future: stable, green, inclusive and digital.

To create awareness about the EU’s commitment to contribute to a better future for young people across the Southern Neighbourhood and support more robust and enhanced youth engagement, the EU Neighbours South programme is launching a new activity: the EU JEEL CONNECT.

The EU JEEL CONNECT will extend to countries and territories in the Southern Neighbourhood including Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine* and Tunisia.

Becoming a member of the EU JEEL CONNECT network is voluntary and on a goodwill basis. There are no financial implications or expected remunerations related to this membership. Members of the EU Jeel CONNECT network will engage primarily in communication and outreach activities that are non-political, non-profit and non- partisan. The network will include young people from various backgrounds and cultures who will engage in exciting and enriching experiences. The main goal is to connect, share and learn with and from each other. Members will be invited to reach out to the communities and help them better understand the cooperation between the EU and members’ countries by showcasing the tangible results of this collaboration and its importance to young people. So, let’s join forces! Together, we can give young people in your region more and better opportunities for the future.

4 reasons why you should join EU JEEL CONNECT Network:

  • To inspire the youth in your country by engaging in exciting activities in partnership with the EU Neighbours South programme, the EU Delegation in your country or the EU funded programmes and projects; and by showcasing actions, vision and insights of young people involved in EU activities and programmes.
  • To promote EU opportunities available to you and other young people, supporting your personal, social and professional development and being on first alert about, projects, programmes, education, professional and training opportunities.
  • To create better visibility of the EU among young people in your country, especially those with fewer opportunities; from disadvantaged backgrounds, from rural or remote areas, or belonging to vulnerable groups, encouraging them to further engage with or benefit from EU activities and initiatives in their specific regions and areas of interest.
  • To network and connect with the pool of multi-talented young people and influencers working with the EU Neighbours South, the EU Delegation in your country and the EU-funded programmes and projects in view of maximizing the visibility of major actions and initiatives in the sectors of interest to you and your audience.

You are active on many issues, connected to your peers, engaged, eager to be a game changer in your country and positively influence your peers. You have the will and the capacity to give voice to those around you through digital content or other forms of mass-reach media.