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Ayoub Kaouane is a 22-year-old vivid person that knows how to light up a room with his fantastic personality and great sense of humor. In a team, he is decisive, creative, and solution-oriented. He surely knows how to adapt to his teammates’ personalities, along with their strengths and weaknesses, thanks to his strong analytical skills. He demonstrates excellent leadership, generally manifested in his constant initiative-taking whenever necessary.


Back in high school, Ayoub used to be a tech enthusiast and was planning to pursue a career in electronics or computer science, and that was the case for him after graduating from high school.


Once in university, Ayoub started to get involved and volunteer with clubs and organizations. Little did he know that his community engagement and volunteering would make him find a new passion and even change his career path to marketing and communication. Consequently , he is currently a Marketing student at University of Algiers 3.


In 2018 he joined AIESEC as a team member and became the vice president of his local committee. Furthermore, he went on a volunteering exchange program with the same organization to Poland in 2019.


In 2020, Ayoub volunteered with SIDRA organization during the pandemic in their charity project, Algerian Food Bank. A month later, he joined the organization as an official member. As a SIDRA member, Ayoub was part of the communication team. He was responsible of creating content and managing the organisation’s different social media accounts along with its various projects: Algerian Food Bank, Earth Hour Algeria, and Sharek Algérie…


In November 2022, Ayoub was an active part of the success of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as an international volunteer assisting the FIFA in spectator servicing at Ahmed ben Ali and Education City Stadiums.

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