Since she started working as a TV reporter at the age of 17, Namees Arnous has always been drawn to human stories. Those of women, in particular.“Women are more than just make-up and cooking. They have real issues and real stories to tell.” Frustrated by the lack of channels keen on “making women voices heard”, Namees decided to launch her own platform back in 2016. “E7kky” or “Tell [your story]” in Arabic covers the good, the bad and the ugly of women’s life in Egypt.“We talk about very controversial issues such as marital rape, FGM or even safe abortion, which is still illegal here in Egypt. But we also cover daily experiences such as careers, PMS or gender equality.” E7kky’s only motto? Speak up. No taboo.

The important thing is to lift the veil, free the speech, and let women know that they are not alone, or stuck. “The first step is to help them change their own mindset, and realise that they have the power to create change. We do not pretend -or event want- to change society as a whole, but women themselves.” Today, more than 2 million women tune in every month to share their stories on E7kky’s platforms. Through her participation in the EU’s #InTheirEyes campaign, Namees hopes to capitalise on the E7kky’s wave, and help share even more opportunities for change to women in Egypt, and elsewhere.

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