Scrolling through the idyllic pictures of Lebanese waterfalls on his Instagram, Kevin Hani decided to go explore the hidden wonders of his countryside. But, as he reached the designated location, he found himself unable to find the exact coordinates of the site or the shops to provide him with the hiking equipment he needed.

Along with his friends Chloe Jabbour and Gio Klaus Will, the young computer and communication engineer started looking for ways to bring the beautiful Lebanese outdoors back into the public’s hands. “We wanted to encourage people to start experimenting new things, to explore what is basically in their backyards. Especially with the downfall that COVID-19 brought to the travel industry, we really believe that outdoor tourism will boom.”

The idea of TripnTap was born.

Months of market research, field trips and database building ensued. The trio benefited from the support of the MEDSt@rts project, which helped them consolidate their idea into a concrete business plan and marketing strategy.

For the three Lebanese youth, the platform had to be inclusive, affordable and easy-to-use. It also had to help stimulate the struggling economy by providing work opportunities to local guides and tourism experts, explains Chloe.

“It is not just a business. We really want to have a positive impact on our country, both economically and socially,” continues Gio, who is developing the social and environmental aspect of the project.

Indeed, more than being a convenient trip organising app, TipnTap seeks to become a game changer in the environmental community by organising awareness sessions amongst local youth. “We thoroughly believe that they are the ones who can begin the campaign of change on climate change and sustainability.”

With their website under construction, Chloe, Kevin and Gio are now looking for investors to support their app development and finally be able to bring the Lebanese outdoors back into people’s lives.

Tripntap is a website and mobile application that link outdoor activity seekers with trip organisers to promote adventure tourism. Tripntap also seeks to build a community of young nature lovers to take action against climate change.


ENI CBCMED is the largest Cross-Border Cooperation initiative implemented by the EU under the European Neighbourhood Instrument, bringing together the coastal territories of 14 EU and partner countries. ENI CBC Med seeks to foster fair, equitable and sustainable development on both sides of the EU’s external borders, while addressing common socio-economic and environmental challenges. The Programme does so through the financing of a variety of cooperation projects based on 4 thematic objectives: SMEs and business development; technology transfer and innovation; social inclusion and fight against poverty; and environment and climate change. 

Med microfinance support system for start-ups (MEDSt@rts)

Med microfinance support system for start-ups (MEDSt@rts) is a three-year EU-funded project under the ENI CBC Med programme. Targeted at promising young entrepreneurs in Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia, the project seeks to help them overcome the financial constrains to start or scale up their enterprises. 

MEDSt@rts does so by developing an innovative supporting model to facilitate access to funding for “non-bankable” people. It targets strongly committed young Mediterranean people with innovative business ideas, either in initial or consolidation stage and provides them with scouting, training and funding support.

World Youth Skills Day (2021)

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