A radio dialogue tackling the importance of cultural action in the development of marginalised segments of society, the project was directed by Jezia Nouma with the participation of artist Nadia Telich. “I am a journalist of proximity mainly interested in the journalism of solutions”, Jezia says, insisting on “the great role of the media in the advancement of society”.

The radio show particularly focused on the International Festival of Theatre in the Desert, a programme funded by the European Union in the south of Tunisia. “I decided to introduce this festival which has been able to incorporate entertainment into the lives of people who had sometimes never watched a theatrical performance once in their life.” She explains she was drawn to “the uniqueness of the festival and its close proximity to a marginalised area in the south of Tunisia”. “This is what made me approach the topic in my journalistic angle.”

TANDEM Media Awards

The TANDEM Media Awards is a media content creation competition based on the concept of collaboration between a pair, opened to journalists, journalism students and artists in the following countries and territories: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia.

On 9 September 2021, the EU Neighbours South Programme launched the 1st edition of the TANDEM Media Awards, a media content creation competition opened to journalists, ...
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