Nisrine El Kettani has always been big hearted. Since primary school, the young Moroccan has been volunteering with a myriad of charities involved in women and children’s rights, social causes and the environment, among others. When she discovered the world of social media, Nisrine saw it as a stepping stone to promote her beliefs. “When sharing content online, you have the potential to change people’s minds and behaviours, which is huge. Even by reaching one single person, you can have a massive impact because this person will, in turn, influence his/her own entourage.”

Aware of the responsibility entailed by having more than 850K followers across all platforms, Nisrine encourages people to consume “high quality content” where “real messages are conveyed”. “I feel an obligation to share constructive content which can bring something positive to my followers, inspire them. Nothing makes me happier than hearing someone tell me they joined a charity or started believing in a cause after seeing one of my videos.”

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