Soufyen Amroussia is a 32-year-old Tunisian artist who shares content online through photography, theatre and music. Active on social media, he uses his platforms to discuss issues related to art, culture and education.

Soufyen Amroussia says he never expected to become famous when he posted his first video online. “A friend of mine had given me a smartphone which was great because it meant I could use it to share what had been my passion from a very young age with the world: art and music and photography in particular.”

Convinced that pictures, just like plays and videos, can tell a story of a universal nature, the 32-year-old uses artistic outlets to educate and raise awareness on a variety of issues. “I was prevented from accessing a lot of opportunities throughout my life because of financial issues, but that never stopped me. I always tried harder and succeeded in getting out of my bubble.”

A self-taught man, Soufyen realised his passion for art could also be a way out of hardship. “No matter who you are, you can always find effective ways to reach other people. It is all about believing in your values.” For him, even a little story or anecdote can go a long way in raising awareness. “I use art to convey my dream of peace and the values that my parents taught me. And the reactions I get from people are incredible.”

“With a smartphone, I was able to build an empire of fun with followers from all around the world. I want to use this platform to help people exchange, learn, create and raise awareness on issues that matter.”

Being named EU Goodwill Ambassador has pushed me to improve myself, to be more creative. It has made me more confident and open-minded.”