A journey from waste to art

20 May to 06 Jun
EUNIC Algeria
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A journey from waste to art is a project led by EUNIC cluster that aims to develop the local capacity of individuals to create recycled art while instilling the importance of recycling in new generations and encouraging them to draw inspiration from recycled waste.

In collaboration with local partners and artists, the goal is to create an open platform for mutual knowledge exchange, discussions, and the sharing of best practices. In addition to the cultural and artistic aspects, the focus will be on raising awareness among schoolchildren, students and the general public of art in Algiers through theoretical and practical sessions.
Several workshops will be held between May 20 and June 6, including a theoretical component, helping the participants gain a deeper understanding of artistic materials and their creative potential. The participants will also produce pieces of art thanks to the knowledge acquired during the workshops, showcasing learning outcomes.

Countries covered:

  • Algeria