Algeria: EU Delegation presents achievements of ‘WATER II’ programme

March 1, 2016
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The EU Delegation in Algeria has presented on its website the achievements in the domain of water and sanitation of the ‘WATER II‘ programme (2011-2015), which benefited from EUR 30 million in aid from the EU. The beneficiaries of this aid were the Ministry of Water Resources and the organisations under its tutelage (ONA, CFMA, ESMRE, etc.). Fadhela Hamdaoui, Director of Planning and Economic Affairs at the Ministry, presented the project’s achievements. “This programme gave us profound satisfaction”, she declared. ‘WATER II’ has “assisted our structures, fine-tuned and shaped our frameworks”, she said in an interview published on Sunday 28 February 2016, on the Delegation’s website. 
After presenting the programme and its management methods, she emphasised that “in the large modernisation programme for the management of public finances and the enhancement of good governance” in Algeria, the WATER II programme helped the Ministry to structure its management, “with the help of an information system for planning investment projects (SIPPI) along with another information planning system (SIP)”.

Countries covered:

  • Algeria