Anima Network takes part of Mapping Lebanon’s innovation ecosystem

February 12, 2024
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The Lebanon Innovate organized an exceptional event entitled “Mapping and revealing innovation ecosystem insights”. The program’s local and European partners have spent months mapping the local innovation ecosystem and identifying needs to build various upcoming initiatives that support the advancement of the innovation ecosystem.


The event was a resounding success, bringing together key players in innovation and paving the way for fruitful future collaborations. As such, ANIMA shared its central role in this promising initiative.


As a committed partner, ANIMA was instrumental in mapping and identifying the needs of the local innovation ecosystem. Aurélien Baudoin, Network and Development Director at ANIMA shared the role of the Lebanese diaspora in the program. Based on the results of this study, he emphasized that the diasporas identified can facilitate access to international business networks and foster collaboration on projects on a global scale.

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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon