Asylum applications remain 31% lower than in 2019

October 14, 2020
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Figures released by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) show that the impact of COVID-19 restrictive measures remains evident across the EU+ . Data show that asylum applications in August were down slightly from July (almost 43 000 applications), and significantly below pre-COVID levels. In January 2020, 65 692 applications were registered.

In August, Syrians (5 394; 13% of total) and Afghans (3 800; 10% of total) continued to lodge the most applications for international protection, followed by Venezuelans (3 600; 9% of total) and Colombians (3 300; 7% of total), but EASO analyses suggest that these applicants are not newly arrived to the EU+.

In August, 26% of applications received a positive decision, while in July only 23% received international protection. Overall, the recognition rate between January and August 2020 stands at 31%.

The current public health situation makes it extremely difficult to make accurate forecasts about the EU+ asylum situation in the coming months. Nevertheless, the recent return of restrictive measures in some EU+ countries and the intra-EU travel restrictions in place are likely to also limit mobility for those in need of protection. Asylum applications are thus expected to remain at lower levels than in recent times. 

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