BlueMed Final Conference to present main achievements for a sustainable Mediterranean

February 17, 2021
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The BlueMed Initiative will hold its final conference on 22-24 February and will focus on its most relevant outcomes.

After intense collaborative work, the Mediterranean countries will showcase the process and results of the Pilot Initiative for a Healthy, Plastic-free Mediterranean Sea to tackle the marine litter issue. The voices of the BlueMed Pilot National Hubs and of key stakeholders will present this unique success story and envisage its future.

The BlueMed StartUp Actions, which worked on different topics but all encompassing the BlueMed perspective, will engage in a conversation and present their feasibility studies.

The BlueMed Young Ambassadors will share their experiences and reflections and will engage in a dialogue with their colleagues from other Basins, with the aim of building future common paths, in the co-responsibility spirit of the One Planet-One Ocean approach.

The event will be organised in a lively and engaging way, making use of devoted tools to favour the active participation of all the attendees. A “graphic recording” by the illustrator and cartoonist Gabriele Peddes will highlight the discussion topics and support synthesis and confrontation.

BLUEMED is the research and innovation Initiative for promoting the blue economy in the Mediterranean Basin through cooperation. It is the strategy of reference for the Mediterranean countries to work together for a healthy, safe and productive Mediterranean Sea. The BLUEMED Initiative will contribute to the creation of new ‘blue’ jobs, social well-being and a sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors through the implementation of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, the BLUEMED SRIA.


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