Business Forum DiafrikInvest: Business meetings for a sustainable economic and social development

March 30, 2020
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As part of the international acceleration programme DiafrikInvest, an initiative co-financed by the European Union which supports more than 70 entrepreneurs in their access to African markets and their search for financing, the 2nd Business Forum in Tunisia brought together more than 250 participants: talents from the Tunisian diaspora, stakeholders of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, investors and experts who came for the occasion.

The Confederation of Corporate Citizens of Tunisia (CONECT) organised on 10 March 2020, in Tunis, the 2nd edition of the Business Forum DiafrikInvest, in partnership with ANIMA Investment Network, leader of the initiative. This event aimed to connect local entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from the Tunisian diaspora supported by DiafrikInvest for several months with investors, Business Angels, investment funds and Tunisian and international large companies that attended the event.

The second Business Forum DiafrikInvest backed the efforts carried over the years by the Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises and ANIMA Investment Network, pioneers of supporting diaspora investment in sustainable economic and social development in Tunisia. 

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