CES-MED newsletters highlight clean energy actions

April 20, 2016
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The EU-funded “Cleaner and Energy Saving – Mediterranean Cities” (CES-MED) project published bilingual country-specific newsletters for six of the countries covered by the project. So far, newsletters have been published for Israel, Palestine, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria and Morocco, and editions for the remaining countries will follow shortly.
The newsletters give an overview of the progress achieved at national and local levels, including the creation and enhancing the role of the National Coordination Group and the preparation of National Recommendations Reports.
The “Cleaner Energy Saving Mediterranean Cities” (CES-MED) project is an EU-funded regional initiative set up to provide training and technical assistance support to Local and National Authorities in the southern Mediterranean region; with a view to help them respond more actively to sustainable policy challenges. 
CES-MED ensures that the actions proposed match with the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors: to reach and even go beyond the European objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% thanks to the improvement of energy efficiency and the increase of the use of sustainable energy. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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