Civil Society from Southern Neighbourhood and EU meet in Brussels to develop new regional agenda

May 26, 2016
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Representatives of more than 150 civil society organisations, academics, media, social actors, local and national government representatives and international organisations from the Southern Neighbourhood and Europe are gathering in Brussels on 26-27 May 2016for the third annual Civil Society Forum Neighbourhood South.
The Forum is part of an overall initiative aiming at an enhanced and more strategic engagement with civil society.  Behind the Forum and the consultation process lie efforts at the creation of a sustained and structured dialogue between civil society, the authorities and the EU on regional agendas in the Southern Mediterranean. The EU is currently assessing the viability of a proposal to set up a specific and permanent mechanism, owned by civil society, to make exchanges more regular and inclusive.
Speaking at today’s Forum, Commissioner Hahn said: Our shared history shows that civil society has played a major role in democratic development… Whatever the level of ambition expressed by partner governments in their relations with the EU, the EU will always consider engagement with civil society as absolutely essential. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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