Clarification of equivalency between the Moroccan pass and the European pass

September 23, 2021
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Following the communication of 15 September 2021 regarding the equivalency between the Moroccan and European “pass sanitaire” (health pass), the European Union Delegation wishes to rectify misunderstandings spread by certain media outlets and shared on social media.

The equivalency between the health certificates is purely technical and allows for the mutual readability of QR codes, both in terms of vaccine passports and PCR tests: this ensures reliability and traceability.

Aside from this technical standardisation, this in no way changes the existing health requirements for those entering any EU member state: anyone, of any nationality, be they nationals of Morocco, an EU member state or any other country, must comply with the health requirements established by the destination country. These requirements depend: 1/on the vaccine administered, 2/on the risk category of the countries you are travelling from and to (green, amber or red according to the European nomenclature and A, B or C according to the Moroccan nomenclature).

The health requirements at the borders of each member State are not in any way determined by nationality, contrary to reports in several outlets based on incorrect, unverified and, essentially, fanciful information.

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