CLIMA project partners reached a new consortium agreement

August 24, 2021
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A new consortium agreement for CLIMA project partners was the main output from the second Steering Committee where all of the partners managed to discuss and agree on the final version of the consortium agreement draft, which was the first topic of the meeting.

The initial draft incorporated some changes directly requested by the project partners. At the end of the discussion, partners approved a final version of the document which complements the grant agreement fixing the rights and obligations between the partners involved. 

Every partner participated in the meeting and was represented by one of its staff members. This was the occasion to share an update on the main challenges faced by all of the partners in Tunisia, Lebanon and Italy.

The CLIMA project aims to address the environmental, economic and social problems related to organic waste mismanagement by supporting Italy, Tunisia and Lebanon in developing Municipal Waste Plans while financing the implementation of innovative technical solutions.

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