Closure of an ANIMA initiative in Morocco

April 4, 2024
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As part of the PROMET “Promoting Entrepreneurship” project, GIZ Morocco has commissioned ANIMA to develop and implement an Expertise Programme aimed at strengthening the Federation of the Startup Ecosystem in Morocco (MSEC), bringing together some twenty innovation players.



In this context, 5 Moroccan accelerators have been selected, resulting in the implementation of a programme to support the acceleration of 51 start-ups, located in 11 regions of Morocco. Thanks to the support of a group of 16 international experts, the startups benefited from 6 collective sessions, as well as clinics, exchanges between startups, pitching and networking sessions, and more than 350 hours of individual coaching. This collective and individual support covered a range of topics, including fundraising, valuation, business development, sales and marketing, growth strategy, legal and regulatory issues, human resources, and many others.



The programme will also have resulted in the production of a Toolkit on the development, implementation and management of a mentoring programme for start-ups. This has been developed to enable accelerators to replicate a programme such as the one implemented by ANIMA. The kit includes a number of models, tools and guides for developing an expertise programme, including analysing the needs of startups, defining expertise requirements and identifying experts, as well as for implementing a programme, with models for contract agreements, session monitoring dashboards, etc.



The Expertise Programme aimed at strengthening the Federation of the Startup Ecosystem in Morocco (MSEC) will have enabled startups to benefit from personalised support and to be connected to potential customers, business partners, investors or even financing or soft landing programmes.

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