COMMON project: a new laboratory in Tunisia to analyse the impact of marine litter

August 5, 2020
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The University of Sousse, partner of the COMMON project, inaugurated on 29 July the new molecular biochemistry laboratory in the presence of professors, students, researchers, and associations. A whole day dedicated to the prevention of marine litter and awareness raising on the topic, starting from the research laboratories and ending on the beach.

“A laboratory directly connected to the COMMON project, because it allows us to carry out all the useful analysis for identifying plastics and microplastics and to study the biological effects of plastic on marine biodiversity” commented Mohammed Banni, professor at the University of Sousse and partner of the COMMON project.

After the inauguration, the Tunisian team of the project moved to the beach of Chott Meriam in Sousse and invited tourists and beach operators to participate in the BEach CLEAN campaign, an initiative launched by COMMON to raise awareness of the harmful effects of plastic waste.

The COMMON project (COastal Management and MOnitoring Network for tackling marine litter in Mediterranean Sea) is a European project which aims at building a collaboration network between Italy, Tunisia and Lebanon to support a correct management of marine litter. Funded under the ENI CBC Med Programme, it applies the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) principles to the challenge of marine litter, improving knowledge of the phenomenon, enhancing the environmental performance of 5 pilot coastal areas in Italy, Tunisia and Lebanon, and engaging local stakeholders in marine litter management.


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