CSF South launches its Café Debate Online Platform

January 17, 2018
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The Civil Society Facility South Program intends over next six months to organize a series of Café Debates (Online) between civil society activists from various countries of the southern Mediterranean.

Topics to be discussed will focus on the realities and challenges of civil society in their respective countries. The first Café Debate will take place on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at (19:00, Tunis local time / 18:00, Morocco time).

The first online debate will focus on the following theme: Relationship between civil society, their states and local authorities. The discussion will be moderated by Hassane Al Machhour under the supervision of the Civil Society Facility.

To participate, simply register via the following link: http://www.csfsouth.org/webplatform before 21/01/2018.

The Civil Society Facility South (CSF South) is an EU-funded regional programme launched in December 2012 with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of EU cooperation with its Southern Mediterranean partners. It mainly aims at increasing the involvement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other non-state actors (NSAs) in sector policy dialogues at the level of partner countries by combining both national specificities and regional dynamics.


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Civil Society Facility South (CSFS)

Countries covered:

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