DECOST: inauguration of a community composter in Anabta, Palestine

July 12, 2022
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ENI CBC Med Programme

The municipal authorities of Anabta, in Palestine, have finally inaugurated the large community composter that will complement the composters already installed in the village thanks to the DECOST project. The Palestinian team of this project funded by the ENI CBC Med programme has worked very closely since the begining with the local authorities, to ensure the success of the pilot in the short, medium and long term, which is why this event was a cause for celebration for all.

The Palestinian pilot is working to introduce and spread around the region that composting can be a feasible strategy to deal with the management of all the urban organic waste produced in small towns.

This is one of the first experiences of its kind in Palestine, and although the use of composters to deal with organic waste management is a widely known topic, its application to real conditions must always go through some phases of training and acceptance by the population involved in the project.

DECOST project aims to develop a new framework of waste management, building a closed-loop system of organic waste valorisation, integrating decentralised home and community composting systems with urban agriculture.

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