Egypt: kick-off meeting of the EU-funded Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP)

October 30, 2019
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Within the framework of the European Union’s support to the issue of migration, the Kick-off meeting of the Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP), in partnership with IOM Egypt was held to discuss issues related to ensuring the support to migrants in the region.

With an overall budget of 54.1 million Euros, RDPP was launched in 2014 as a multi-donor European initiative combining humanitarian and development funds to support Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq to better understand, plan, and mitigate the impact of the forced displacement of Syrian refugees on host communities. Following phase I of the programme which was implemented through 45 strategic and innovative partnerships in the region, a second phase of the RDPP has been initiated to run from October 2018 until December 2021.

RDPP phase II aims to ensure that refugees and host populations living in displacement affected communities access their rights, are safe, self-reliant, and refugees are able to avail themselves of a durable solution (voluntary repatriation, resettlement to third country, and local integration in country of asylum). The programme focuses on three thematic areas: livelihoods towards durable solutions, upholding and expanding protection space, and research and advocacy.

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Countries covered:

  • Egypt