Egypt: Meet MAIA-TAQA certified trainers in the photovoltaic systems

August 12, 2021
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In cooperation with the local partners, the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations, the six certified trainers will lead the way to the roll-out of the MAIA-TAQA training for SMEs to reintroduce their innovative Energy Efficiency services.

The training roll-outs will guide SMEs to offer more innovative resource-efficient services, such as consulting, engineering and operations. The roll-outs aim to increase the volume and effectiveness of these services to reduce the negative pressure of conventional energy sources used on the environment.

The pilot areas in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon that tested Renewable Energy services, will act as real-life examples for the students, giving them needed knowledge on field implementation, innovative technologies, information on regulatory framework issues, finance and framework implementation.

This will help guide SMEs to a proper innovation process that would able them to identify the needs, structure the creative solutions, and commercialize them.

The MAIA-TAQA project gathers 8 partners from 6 countries, namely Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Spain, and aims at promoting innovative resource efficiency services in the Mediterranean SMEs through the enhancement of their technical and management capacities.

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