Egypt: Two new textile industry pilots to demonstrate improvements for recycling pre-consumer textile waste

June 2, 2022
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On 26 May, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) presented, during a launching event in Cairo, two pilot projects that under the EU-funded SwitchMed/MED TEST III project will demonstrate processes until 2023, technologies and management standards that can improve the handling and recycling of pre-consumer textile waste in Egypt.

The two industrial pilots have been identified to demonstrate the different steps and business models for valorizing pre-consumer textile waste in Egypt.  Outcomes from the two industry demonstration projects will be used in developing a roadmap for Egypt that can further the uptake of recycling standards for pre-consumer textile waste and develop the capacities in Egypt to provide recycled textile fibres for the domestic and global market.

The roadmap intends to support authorities, industry federations, and actors in Egypt’s textile and clothing value chain on how to remove obstacles that impede a practical, feasible and profitable valorization of pre-consumer textile waste in Egypt.

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