EMPHASIS Empowers 4 Jordanian SMEs to Forge Open Innovation Partnerships in the Mediterranean Region

May 4, 2023
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Four companies – Bookagri, Smart Green, Soqia for Innovative Environmental Solutions, and Petra Team – all of which are making waves in the agribusiness and environmentals sectors with their innovative and sustainable approaches, each with unique goals that they hope to achieve with the help of EMPHASIS.

Bookagri, the first and only holistic agri-tourism product in Jordan, is seeking to expand its business plan to cover the MENA region and other parts of Europe through the linkages that EMPHASIS can provide. The company plans to franchise its brand and seek MOUs or agreements with partners who would like to have Bookagri’s design of an agri-tourism activity in their farms.

Smart Green for AgriTech Solutions digitizes agribusiness using Industry 4.0 technologies to help farmers reach the optimum use of water and fertilizers by delivering precise amounts of water and nutrients to plants in a timely manner, saving up to 70% of water consumption in closed systems and 30% in open fields. The company, which started in Jordan in 2020 and is expanding in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and North America, aspires to be the hub for AgriTech in the MENA region by developing new solutions to meet the market needs and supporting AgriTech companies in the region. Smart Green hopes to collaborate with EMPHASIS through twinning and networking.

Soqia for Innovative Environmental Solutions pioneers in creating environmental solutions and focuses on manufacturing new inventions that fulfill the needs of Jordan and the Middle East in particular. The company’s primary goal is to establish an Intelligent Water Consumption System (IWCS) that includes water quality control, water quantity control, water filling systems, and a smart irrigation system in farms and gardens. Soqia is looking to find funders and investors to accomplish its main goal for the sake of manufacturing and setting up the new invention in Jordan and MENA at the current level.

Petra Team is a leading green company specializing in development and innovation in the water, energy, and food sectors. The company developed an innovative water filtration system for homes that uses “reverse osmosis” technology to purify water without the waste, and has other patents in the water sector. Petra Team’s mission is to develop solutions and operations to manage water, energy, and food, and to stop wasting energy and reach a state of energy abundance.

Overall, the four companies aim to create innovative solutions that benefit not only Jordan and the MENA region but also the rest of the world. With the support of the EMPHASIS project, these companies have the potential to achieve their goals and contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture and the environment.

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