ETF webinar: Skills for the future in the energy sector in Tunisia

September 13, 2021
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On 15 September, the European Training Foundation (ETF) will host “The Future of Skills in the Tunisian Energy Sector” webinar.

The objective of the webinar is to present and discuss, with key stakeholders, the preliminary findings of the ETF Study on the Future of Skills in the Energy Sector in Tunisia. The report will be finalized in October / November 2021.

The study focuses on changing skills needs and changing job tasks in the sector, driven by climate change, new policies and investments, and technological innovations.

The European Training Foundation is the EU agency supporting the countries ofthe EU neighbourhood to reform their education, training and labour market systems.

It works with policymakers and practitioners to support reform, promote evidence-based approaches, document change, provide analysis and stimulate debate to anticipate new skills needs.

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Countries covered:

  • Tunisia