The EU adopts new actions to enforce rule of law in Jordan bringing the overall support to the country to nearly €2 billion

October 22, 2018
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Commissioner Hahn signed a new €50 million programme to support Jordan’s justice sector reform efforts to enhance the rule of law, effectiveness of the justice sector and access to justice. With this programme, the EU has provided nearly €2 billion in support to Jordan since 2011.

The programme will contribute to enhance the independence, accountability and specialisation of the judicial power; support the improvement of caseflow management, effectiveness and information efficiency in the criminal justice chain; and contribute to improve the management and public service delivery in the Justice Sector.

This action is part of the EU’s Annual Action Programme for Jordan that also includes actions in the field of trade, institutional capacity-building and social protection. Through this newly signed programme, the EU will support the Justice Reform Sector Strategy 2017-2021 in which the Government of Jordan has outlined actions to enhance independence, accountability and specialisation of the judicial power and improve the capacity and effectiveness of the judiciary administration.

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