EU-Algeria Energy Forum: Commissioner reaffirms EU commitment to strengthening strategic partnership

May 24, 2016
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“The large European participation in the Forum here in Algiers today shows our commitment and determination to strengthen our strategic partnership with Algeria,” said Miguel Arias Cañete, EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy at the first EU-Algeria Business Forum on energy held in Algiers on 23-24 May.

The EU Commissioner underlined that this event is part of the European strategy of the Energy Union and that the EU “is committed to strengthening its efforts to create a common energy market and share a common vision and strategy.”
On the EU partnership with Algeria, the Commissioner said “in the gas sector, Algeria is a trusted partner that we can rely on”, adding that the EU “endeavors to improve the transparency of its needs so that our suppliers have a solid foundation on which to base their investment decisions. We will continue to make progress in this area”, and that “Algeria should attract new investments in order to maintain its exports to the EU in the long term.”
On renewable energy, the EU Commissioner said “Algeria is on the right track, especially with the adoption of ambitious targets for renewables and energy efficiency”, adding “Through this Forum and through our partnership, the EU supports any initiative by the government which aims to promote clean energy in Algeria.” (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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