EU and Jordan discuss Human Rights, Governance and Democracy

October 28, 2016
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The EU-Jordan Subcommittee on Human Rights, Governance and Democracy held its 10th meeting in Amman last week, bringing together representatives of Jordanian authorities, the EU and EU Member States.

The two sides discussed developments in the Middle East including its impact on Jordan and the EU. They confirmed the utmost relevance of continuing cooperation in UN, regional and bilateral contexts in view of addressing the instability in the region affecting the Euro-Mediterranean area. The EU and Jordan agreed on the need for a multi-faceted approach including through cooperation on security, migration, trade, economic stability and governance. The two sides reconfirmed their mutual commitment to human rights, democracy and the rule of law in that regard.
The EU and Jordan will continue to work together to ensure education opportunities and protection for the Syrian refugees. The EU and Jordan referred also to their landmark agreement on the simplification of rules of origin in return for job opportunities for host populations and refugees.
Jordan and the EU reiterated that security and human rights objectives including a pluralistic civil society are mutually reinforcing and underlined the importance of promoting and protection human rights and fundamental freedoms. The EU commended Jordan for its inclusive, peaceful and well-administered parliamentary elections on 20th September and reiterated its commitment to continue supporting Jordan’s efforts to sustained electoral reform, parliamentary and political party institution building.
The EU welcomed King Abdullah II’s most recent discussion paper and Jordan’s commitment on the rule of law and human rights as well as the country’s determination in addressing intolerance and radicalisation. The EU will continue to support the implementation by Jordan of its Human Rights Plan 2016-25. The EU emphasised the key contribution that civil society makes to security, stability and prosperity and encouraged Jordan to strengthen the mandate of civil society organisations as a driver for positive change. The EU reconfirmed its willingness to continue to support Jordan’s efforts in strengthening women’s rights, the freedom of expression, the freedom of association and assembly, amongst other. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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