EU celebrates International Youth Day at Youth Village near Ramallah

August 14, 2017
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EU Representative Ralph Tarraf joined over 50 Palestinian youth volunteers participating in a two-day event at the Youth Village in Kufur Ne’mah, west of Ramallah, to celebrate International Youth Day 2017. The EU initiative was implemented in partnership with Sharek Youth Forum, the youth NGO behind the creation of the Youth Village.

The Youth Village is an educational, environmental, sports, and entertainment village established by Sharek Youth Forum on 35 dunums of land, providing environmental and cultural education for youth and children. The Village is considered one of the rare spaces designated for young people’s development and recreation.

The Youth Village established by Sharek Youth Forum is a unique initiative in Palestine,” said EU Representative Ralph Tarraf. “Here we see a space developed by the young people for their own benefit. It allows them to explore their potentials, exchange ideas, and share aspirations,

The Executive Director of the Sharek Youth Forum, Bader Zamareh, said over 50 young people from across the West Bank had gathered to celebrate International Youth Day and volunteer with the forum in a two-day event. “As part of the activity, we have planted trees and engaged in a series of games and challenges, all aiming to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment. The village is becoming a promising facility for Palestinian youth to enjoy and use.”


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