The EU confirms its support to Egypt in the water sector through projects in 12 governorates that contribute to improving the lives of 12.5 million Egyptians

October 17, 2018
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Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Egypt Mr. Ivan Surkoš and Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Ati opened today “The EU-Egypt Water Cooperation Days” held 17-18 October in the framework of the “Cairo Water Week”. Ambassadors of Germany and Italy attended the opening, with the participation of the Confederation of Egyptian-European Business Associations (CEEBA).

Ambassador Surkoš said that Egypt faces the challenge of water scarcity, which requires rapid action to rationalize consumption, develop modern irrigation systems and diminish losses. He pointed out that the EU was one of the first supporters of Egypt in this area; as it has contributed EUR 450 million to establish projects in the field of water during the last ten years. He added that these grants leveraged funds from European financial institutions that amount to EUR 2.5 billion in this sector.

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