The EU Election Observation Mission (EOM) to Lebanon 2018 visits the President Aoun

July 19, 2018
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The EU EOM Lebanon 2018 visited President Aoun on Tuesday to present the final report and recommendations regarding May’s elections and discuss their implementation progress.

EU EOM Lebanon 2018 considers it important to grant the Supervisory Commission for Elections full financial and administrative autonomy, empowering it to investigate fully cases of non-compliance with campaign regulations and to impose sanctions.

In addition, they want to ensure that men and women enjoy equal civil and political rights. To do so, they suggested amending the nationality law to allow women to confer their Lebanese citizenship to their children on the same basis as men.

Finally, women continue to be very under-represented in Parliament. To change this, EU EOM Lebanon 2018 recommended the adoption of temporary special measures, such as a quota for women.


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