EU encourages pro-competitive reforms in Tunisia

February 3, 2021
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At the request of the Tunisian authorities, the European Union and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are joining forces in a project to identify and encourage pro-competitive reforms in the country.

The revision of the Tunisian competitive legislative and regulatory framework would benefit consumers with lower prices, greater choice, better quality of products and services, as well as businesses with more investment in innovation and higher productivity.

The project includes (i) a review of national competition legislation and policy, which aims to help Tunisia improve its competition policy in accordance with international standards and best practices; (ii) a study of the competitive impact of laws and regulations in two key sectors of the economy: tourism and banking, accounting for 11% of GDP and 5.5% of formal salaried employment in the country.

This project comes in the framework of the EU’s Support programme to Economic Governance (PAGE) which aims at accompanying the government’s efforts to support the country’s economic performance by improving its investment climate; and (ii) stimulate demand for economic reform in the country through support for the different dimensions of public debate on economic issues.


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